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About TM-Systems

The private industrial unitary enterprise "TM-Systems"

Registration Number of Taxpayer: 190884501


Contact information

Fabrichnaya str. 2A, POB 11/5.
Minsk 223040,
Republic of Belarus.

Phone/fax+375 17 3749535
MobileMTS+375 29 7624798
Velcom+375 29 6844798
Viber WhatsApp+375296844798


The certificate of registration N.190884501 issued by Frunzenskij DEC of the Minsk city, October 25, 2007.

Settlement account (Byelorussian rubles): N. BY41TECN30121105000000000000 in JSC "Technobank"; Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Kropotkin str., 44, BIN TECNBY22.

Settlement account (Russian rubles, U.S. Dollars and Euro): N. BY40TECN30121105000130000000 in JSC "Technobank"; Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Kropotkin str., 44, BIN TECNBY22.

License of Ministry of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus  02140/0170278 (2006 - 2011 years).


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